Will You Always Be Offering Designer Mystery Boxes?

Yes, we plan on continually making Designer Mystery Boxes! The frequency will hopefully be at least once a month. But since we aim to partner these with their designers directly, the timeframe depends mostly on the artists & designers. Prices, themes, quantities will all vary, all info and contents will disclosed prior to each drop.

Will You Have Any Retail Sales:

Yes, we will be doing some normal retail sales. Lines, companies and artists will vary, our goal is to feature more urban designer/art collectibles. A sneak peek is pictured below.

Will You Offer Presales?

Presales will be determined on a case by case basis. We do not want to charge our customers and make them wait an unspecified amount of time, leaving them without their money and waiting for their order. Some exceptions may be made, you can message us at anytime. There will be no presales on the Designer Mystery Boxes. All boxes are limited to one per household. All orders will be checked and if any duplicate orders were made, they will be cancelled & those boxes will go back up for sale.

How Do You Ship?

 Shipping: Unless stated otherwise, all completed orders with cleared payments, should be shipped within 3 business days via USPS. We are also collectors, so we package items the way we would want to receive them. There’s a slight chance you might find a roll of packing tape or scissors included with your order, I have no explanation for this, but it’s happened more times than I care to admit.

What Other Products Besides Collectibles and Mystery Boxes Will You Sell?

I personally have a quirk of buying things most people wouldn’t ever think of, wouldn’t need, and serve no real purpose. There will be an Easter Egg category on the site basically a ‘Sh!t You Don’t Need but You’re Gonna Want.’ I apologize in advance for this category, but they’re normally funny, inexpensive or just straight up cool, ‘why didn’t I think of that’ item 

Are You Currently Looking To Feature Other Artists, Designers or Products? 

Yes! We are always looking for great new pieces and artists, please contact us at [email protected]