BanaNa ViruS – LouNginG BeaR


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BanaNa ViruS – LouNginG BeaR

I don’t know when it started
Every day I open my eyes and see only unfinished work
For life, for family, for goals
Like a tireless machine running at high speed…

Remember when you gave yourself a slow, pause to catch your breath?

 Although positioned as a chopstick rest (pen holder)
 But when you put down your chopsticks (pen)
 Except for letting the chopsticks (pen) take a break
 Does it remind us
 let yourself slow down and take a breath
 Don’t eat by storm
 Don’t ignore the aching wrist
 Don’t ignore the chirping of cicadas and birds outside the window
 Temporarily put aside unfinished items
 Lounging with me…

BanaNa ViruS – LouNginG BeaR

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Dimensions : long 7cm / width 5cm / high 4.5cm
  • Four Day Timed Release




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