5thTurtle Mystery Box


Designer Mystery Box



20 Mystery Boxes in total!


Each Mystery Box will include:

  • Angie – Random Colors
  • 2 Lucky Buyers will receive a grail box!
  • Resin Cup Pin – Random Color
  • 1 Sticker
  • 2 Buttons
  • Mini Angie – Random Color
  • 5thTurtle’s famous sketch on a Priority Mail Sticker in all boxes!
  • Price $40 plus shipping
  • Only available at The Isle of Misfit Toys

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We hinted a weeks ago about our next Designer Mystery Box. We are proud to officially announce that 5thTurtle will be teaming up with us to bring you an incredible box! This box will be extremely limited, to just 20 boxes in total, every item Carlos designs & makes, are completely handmade, and absolutely incredible.

We do not yet have an estimated date on when this Mystery Box with drop. His work is all handmade, amazing art can’t be rushed. I, myself have only a few vague hints. Carlos is good at keep secrets.

I got to sit down and ask Carlos (AKA 5thTurtle) some questions about him, his work, and his inspirations:

Designer Q&A:
Carlos Benitez / 5thTurtle

⭐️ How did you get started with designer art toys? And did you always know this was something you to pursue?

I’ve always been into art, drawing and painting mostly. But I like to at least try every medium. Since I was a kid I wanted a toy of myself. I wanted to be that wrestler, gi joe, ninja turtle or whatever I was playing with. So 2 years ago I decided that that Dead Dream would come true. I sketched out the “Dead Dreamer”, and he started this whole thing.

⭐️All your pieces are incredible and handmade, I noticed resin is your primary medium. Do you ever see yourself doing vinyl?

I feel resin makes the piece a bit more special. With my pieces everything is done by my hands. The sketches, molds, casts, and cleaning.
I have a love for vinyl/sofubi and I hope to produce some in the future.

⭐️Where did the name 5thTurtle come from? As a bit of a TMNT fangirl, I’m assuming there?

I LOVE the ninja turtles. I grew up watching them, playing with them, reading the comics and pretending to be… Raph. I’d say they got me into drawing, as I’d always be scribbling turtles everywhere. But yes, I am the 5thTurtle.

⭐️Besides yourself, who is your other personal favorite designer?

There are honestly so many artists with work I respect and love, not to mention the artists themselves on a personal level. It’s hard to narrow it down to one person. But.. if I had to pick one, it’d probably be Scott Wilkowski.

⭐️Who & what inspires your work?

Randomness. It’s whatever I’m thinking in the moment, or just see where a doodle ends up. Also my family. Yesi my oldest loves all aquatic animals, sharks the most. I ask her for an idea and it’ll lead to sketches.

⭐️You have an amazing group, 5thTurtle Frenzy, with die hard fans. Is there one thing you’d like to tell them?

My “Thank you” isn’t hollow. It comes from the bottom of my heart. Every time I say it, I mean it. Without the support I receive I wouldn’t be able to continue this whole thing. So, thank you!!!

⭐️What are your personal favorite pieces that you make? I definitely am hooked and love your Angie pieces.

I love all my toys. But, the Dead Dreamer is my baby. I hold a special place in my heart for him.

⭐️Where do hope to see 5thTurtle in the next few years?

Recently I was working towards upgrading my presentation at shows, and online. But this year has be rough with so many shows cancelling. I’m just hoping to keep doing what I’m doing with a bigger variety of characters. And possibly some sofubi pieces.

⭐️If you could collaborate with any other artist, who would that be and why?

I’ve worked with some great artists in the past, but if I had to work with someone new I’d love one of my charters done by clogtwo.

⭐️How long have you been collecting?

I’ve been collecting for forever. Tmnt, Pokémon, video games, comics, designer toys.. in that order.
Kidrobot was my first true designer toy purchase, a couple dunnys from the Kidrobot store in NY. When I was first introduced it was through that store. I was blown away by the aesthetics and vibe. I needed more.

⭐️Does it matter to you if it’s resin or vinyl when you make a purchase?

If I like it, it doesn’t matter. My collection is pretty random, all colors, sizes, and shapes. I buy with the intention of never selling.

⭐️If you had to pick only one piece out of your collection to keep which one would it be & why?

I have a small Scott Wilkowski dunny. It’s not the most expensive thing I have in the collection but I love the look. Plus it glows, and who doesn’t love glow.

⭐️Last, but not least. Since you are a Teenage Mutant Turtle Fan, and your company name is 5thTurtle, what would your TMNT name be?

You know… my favorite character art is done by Bengus, Japanese artist that did the early Marvel vs Capcom series. But not sure how Bengus would ring in an enemy’s ear. I’d also consider Picasso. So I could hear someone say “yeah, but I’m no Picasso” when I beat em.

Thank you Carlos, for your time and giving us some insight into your world, and what inspires your creations, we are excited to see what you do in the future!


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