AbomiNATION – Custom Chomp Show – RedGuardian – Be A Monster LE3


“Be a Monster” Custom Chomp and Baby Sculpt by RedGuardian

A crying yeti baby tired of being scared and ready to be a monster by becoming the abominable Chomp. You may place the baby yeti inside the chomp to be the monster. This will be a series I will make a few color ways very soon for some shows.

“You should be a monster. An absolute monster. And then you should learn how to control it.” — Jordan B. Peterson.

What if you could be a monster?
What does it take to turn on your inner fear and transform into something more frightening than anything in this world has ever seen before. Become obsessed with being an unstoppable force among all who oppose you! Be who you want to be, be a monster.

This 5″ tall 6″ wide vinyl Custom Chomp figure is the perfect addition to your Chomp collection.


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