Andrew Bell – Red Karoshi (Model Employee Edition) LE150


Andrew Bell – Red Karoshi (Model Employee Edition) LE150 

  • Medium: Vinyl
  • Artist(s): Andrew Bell
  • Brand(s): Dead Zebra

Want to be employee of the month? Try working yourself to death! 過労死 – Karoshi San (literally: Mr. Death from Overwork) Model Employee edition is all but guaranteed that top spot! This (former) salary man shows off his company pride in Dead Zebra Inc signature black and red, with a branded briefcase and company initial tie.
This edition is limited to only 150 pieces, each with an individually numbered death certificate. Now get back to work!
Removable hat, briefcase that opens.
Limited edition 150pcs
Tiny Death Certificate inside briefcase!
7¼” tall with hat.
Vinyl and ABS

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