Sank Muse – One Off Custom Show – ‘Inseparable’ by Priscilla Marquez


Sank Muse – One Off Custom Show – ‘Inseparable’ by Priscilla Marquez

  • One Off by Priscilla Marquez IG @PriscillasArte
  • Approximately 19″ Tall
  • A portion of every sale will be donated to ArtTable, the leading nonprofit organization, dedicated to advancing the leadership of women in the arts

To my sweet child,

I hope & pray we’ll see each other again. Every night I say I’m one more day closer to you. I really hope that it’s true. Each day feels like forever & at the same time it feels like it’s passing me by so fast. It seems like just yesterday I was holding you tight but it also seems like another lifetime ago. Was it all one big beautiful dream? Were you just a perfect dream I was torn from? I open my eyes every morning hoping this was all just a terrible nightmare and you are right next to me, safe. I feel like I was given a new life I NEVER wanted. It’s like I’m forced to eat this pain for the rest of my life. You are God’s most perfect creation & I understand why he wanted you back. I just wish he knew I wanted to go with you. Your short years on this Earth impacted the lives of so many people & your life will always be the best thing we ever experienced. You blew a hole right threw this earth my love. Your love is still felt all around. It’s like the wind , you can’t see it but you know it’s there. Our love and our bond knows no bounds. The love we have transcends from this life into eternity. I have loved you for lifetimes and our souls will be connected for all of time. I hope I honor you in everything I do. Each breath I take is one for you. You did not die, you transitioned into the angel I always knew you were. How much I miss you can’t be measured in words. But each day I am given just know I would give to you in a heartbeat. I would give you my life so you can live yours. Sadly, it was not our fate. So my sweet baby, continue to shine your light on us. Your love is what keeps me warm. Being your parent is the greatest honor I have ever received. I love you, and will love you past forever my child.




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