Wetworks – Agents of Decay – Artist Proof LE20


Wetworks – Agents of Decay – Artist Proof LE20

Foxy, Xin, and Scar is a band of mischiefs wreaking havoc in their small town of Quiapo. Foxy a moody teenage girl with her most trusted bodyguard Xin, a rescued panda from a band of traveling freaks, and the cunning Scar, they go out as a pack and hits the concrete jungle of what was once known as Gaia in search of new adventures.
The Artist Proof version are all hand-painted, weathered, and comes each with their own unique decals so each set is different. It will also come with a special Agents of Decay display base designed by Wetworks and everything is signed and numbered. Limited to only 20 sets and these will be a staggered release to different retail stores and upcoming conventions.
*Note that only 5 sets will be offered through The Isle of Misfit Toys and the delivery date is mid to end December and shipped directly from Wetworks 

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