Arctong – Custom – B1 Spacer – RedGuardian ‘McFly’


Arctong – Custom – B1 Spacer – RedGuardian ‘McFly’

  • Customized B1 SPACER – ‘McFly’
  • Size:  8 inch(21cm tall)
  • Material: Soft vinyl + Resin
  • Made in China
  • Manufacturer: ARCTONG
  • Artist: RedGuardian
  • Edition 1 of 1


From outer space, there is a planet call B1 and the spacemen living in this planet is call B1 Spacer. They need to collect more color energy to survive as B1 planet is running out of color energy. They discovered a new planet called “Earth” in the Universe, and all of them are trying to come to earth to collect color energy.

Customized by artist RedGuardian:

My name is RedGuardian, and I’m obsessed with the idea of creative ideas being able to make everything in the world just a little bit better.



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