Arctong – Custom – B1 Spacer – Colin ‘Big C’ Hoffman ‘C1 Spacer’


Arctong – Custom – B1 Spacer – Colin ‘Big C’ Hoffman ‘C1 Spacer’

  • Customized B1 SPACER – ‘C1 Spacer’
  • Approximate Size:  8 inch(21cm tall)
  • Material: Soft vinyl + Resin
  • Made in China
  • Manufacturer: ARCTONG
  • Artist: RedGuardian
  • Edition 1 of 1


From outer space, there is a planet call B1 and the spacemen living in this planet is call B1 Spacer. They need to collect more color energy to survive as B1 planet is running out of color energy. They discovered a new planet called “Earth” in the Universe, and all of them are trying to come to earth to collect color energy.

Customized by artist Colin Hoffman:

Colin Hoffman aka Big C is an American artist, poet, writer, toy designer and creator of the globally famous Baby Fatts character.

Growing up in San Francisco C spent his early years studying at a Black Panther school, and loosing himself in the early hip-hop scene. From there C made the jump to toys through his love for the highly detailed 1990s releases by McFarlane Toys.

After a few years of toy collecting C found himself combining his love for both art and hip hop; along with his passion for toys in the burgeoning designer and custom toy scene of the mid to late 2000s. A scene that encouraged and fostered his creative drive and skills, which he has been using to global acclaim ever since!



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